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- 2001/05/01: DeCSS case back in court on appeal.
- 2001/02/15: LiViD releases Open Media System DVD Player.
- 2001/01/18: California court stays proceedings against Matt Pavlovich.
- 2000/08/17: New York court enjoins 2600 Magazine from publishing or linking to DeCSS; Emmanuel Goldstein Responds.
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Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is leading and funding the defense in the DVD lawsuits.

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Always correct magazines and newspapers carrying inaccurate stories. Start with the journalists and editor, showing them the rest of the story. Most journalists are not on the "dark" side. In paticular show them the rights and human interest issues. Most of them do not speak geek. Well-informed letters to the editor can help them and educate readers.
If a newspaper is continually biased and unapologetic, then stop buying it. Also file complaints about them to any relevant bodies (Press complaints council in the UK for example). It costs them time and money to handle sensibly brought cases. Check out the Advocacy Howto for the best way how to deal with the media.

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Abuse does not help. Misleading people does not help. You need customer bodies to trust you. You need the press to trust you. Have facts to hand. Journalists will want solid references before covering a contentious story.

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