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- 2001/05/01: DeCSS case back in court on appeal.
- 2001/02/15: LiViD releases Open Media System DVD Player.
- 2001/01/18: California court stays proceedings against Matt Pavlovich.
- 2000/08/17: New York court enjoins 2600 Magazine from publishing or linking to DeCSS; Emmanuel Goldstein Responds.
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2001/05/01: Wired News - DVD Piracy Judges Resolute
2001/05/01: Reuters - Hacker Mag Faces Tough Hearing on Web-Links Appeal
2001/05/01: ZDNet News - Throwing the book at DeCSS
2001/05/01: Newsday - Appeals Court Hears Case on DVD Code; High stakes in encryption-as-free-speech issue
2001/04/30: New York Law Journal - 2nd Circuit Asked to Draw Cyberspace Copyright Boundaries
2001/04/27: New York Times - Does an Anti-Piracy Plan Quash the First Amendment?
2001/04/26: EFF Press Release


2001/02/24: Industry Standard - DOJ Backs Movie Studios in DeCSS Case
2001/02/22: CNet - DOJ stands with film industry in DVD cracking case
2001/02/22: Wired News - White House Sides With Studios
2001/02/22: Reuters - Studios prepare for appeals court in DVD case

2001/02/20: Government Intervenes Against DeCSS Posting.
2001/02/20: Studios Respond to 2600's Appeal.

2001/02/07: Reuters - New Laws May Be Needed to End Piracy, Movie Head Says


2001/01/26: Eight groups file amicus curiae briefs in support of 2600.
2001/01/26: Wired News - DeCSS Allies Ganging Up
2001/01/26: CNet - Free-speech issues underlie DVD-code appeal
2001/01/26: CNet - Battle Lines Harden Over Net Copyright

2001/01/19: EFF appeals DeCSS decision to Second Circuit.

2001/01/18: California court stays proceedings against Matt Pavlovich.


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