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- 2001/05/01: DeCSS case back in court on appeal.
- 2001/02/15: LiViD releases Open Media System DVD Player.
- 2001/01/18: California court stays proceedings against Matt Pavlovich.
- 2000/08/17: New York court enjoins 2600 Magazine from publishing or linking to DeCSS; Emmanuel Goldstein Responds.
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The Industry's Center for DVD Resources

The DVD forum is a collection of hardware manufacturers and representatives from the movie studios. They came up with the encryption process, known as CSS. Several months ago some computer programmers released the source code, or the recipe to the program, that enabled other software engineers to decrypt CSS. This code is known as 'DeCSS' is the center of several law suits filed on behalf of the DVD-CCA and the MPAA.

Currently, the member companies of the DVD-CCA and the MPAA are trying to dispell the arguements of the defense.

Here is a copy of a memo sent out by the CEO of Disney. It is clear that even the key members of the companies filing complaints do not understand several of the key issues.

In order to counter their offensive, OpenDVD is encouraging people to put the small banner on web sites, and informing other people about the pending legal battles.


The following table outlines the stance of the social issues, and draws a clearer line between what the OpenDVD group supports, and what the MPAA and Consumer Electronics Industry supports.

MPAA/Consumer Electronics Ind.
Extend DVD technologout throughout the Industry
Utilize DVD's high volume storage capabilities for video
Protect the rights of the copyright holders
Encourage new video content
Allow consumers to create DVD movie content
Protect the "fair use" rights of the consumers
Allow consumers to enhance the capabilities of DVD

Myths the MPAA is spreading

  1. Myth: The CSS process is highly secure.
  2. Myth: DVDs cannot be copied unless CSS is utilized.
  3. Myth: The CSS scheme is only a copy protection scheme
  4. Myth: It is affordable to develop a software or hardware application for DVD.
  5. Myth: The open source DVD player was designed with the intent to copy DVDs.

  6. Fact:

For a more complete technical descritption of the CSS scheme, read this declaration filed by Matthew R. Pavlovich for the DMCA case in New York.


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