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- 2001/05/01: DeCSS case back in court on appeal.
- 2001/02/15: LiViD releases Open Media System DVD Player.
- 2001/01/18: California court stays proceedings against Matt Pavlovich.
- 2000/08/17: New York court enjoins 2600 Magazine from publishing or linking to DeCSS; Emmanuel Goldstein Responds.
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The wildest stories have been published about the free DVD software that has been posted to the net. Some people blame journalists for not having properly researched their story, but the truth is that facts are hard to come by. This means that when you spot a ``bad'' article (you know the ones, the evil, evil, evil DVD pirates ones), you shouldn't reach for your torch and flame the journalist in question.

Rather, you should try to work in a more productive way by following the steps in this article. Of course, feedback is more than welcome. Please send some to Thanks!


The goals of your actions will probably be to set straight the facts about open DVD software and/or try to defend your consumer rights. You want the journalist (or whoever) to see that humanity is not served by publishing sensationalist piracy stories; and that DeCSS and other programs are mostly useful for playing DVDs, that copying is simply uneconomical, etc... If you're up for a challenge, you might even try to ask them for a rectification or a more balanced followup story.


Such an ambitious goal calls for special methods and tactics. Here's a list:

Whom to contact

Obviously you want your story to reach as many people as possible, you can do this by focussing your efforts on journalists, who can then (if they think the story is interesting) turn it into a nicely readable article (or radio story, or TV reportage) and reach tens of thousands of people.

And now ... Action

If you've taken the trouble of reading this and want to do something about the fact that the movie industry is (illegally) trying to take away your legal rights, please follow the advice on this page and take the trouble to call or write your local media and/or other journalists. This is your battle as well as ours, please defend your consumer rights well. Thank you!

Also, if your (local) media decide to run a story about the DVD situation, please drop us a line and tell us where we can find (or announce) the story.

Mailing list

So, you want to get involved in promoting open DVD software and defending your consumer's rights? Become a member of the DVD Promoteam, subscribe to To subscribe, send a message to:

With the following text in the body of your message:

subscribe dvd-promo

More information

At the moment, I can't really think of anything. If you need to know more or have useful tips for us, please mail us at Thanks!


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